Android Fundamentals Codelabs Part – 2

Hi all,

You can reach the Turkish version of this post from here and the first post from here.

After reviewing codelabs, maybe the first post was meaningful but for the following posts, I think only the code samples will be enough. If you noticed my blog post while preparing to codelabs and have questions, please do not hesitate to ask. The the projects below include samples for Unit 1.


Android fundamentals 01.2 Part A: Your first interactive UI

Android fundamentals 01.2 Part B: The layout editor

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Android Fundamentals Codelabs Part – 1

You can reach the Turkish version of the post from here.

While checking if there is a new codelab of Google, I realised that there are some new but not on the standard page for codelabs . I guess, each of you have heard about Google’s certifications. This new codelabs are the preparations codelabs of Associate Android Developer‘s certificate and I suppose they have been renewed because of last years’ changing standards of Android development. I decided to start writing this series of post to refill my knowledge and also giving and alternative reference if there is somebody getting prepared to exam with codelabs. I’ll try to write regularly as much as possible. For the ones preparing, besides of codelabs there are slides in here and also articles in here.

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